Sloping Blocks


Leave Building on Sloping Blocks to an Expert.

You’ve found it – your dream block! The view is so awe inspiring that you can picture yourself on your verandah in the sun soaking it up for hours at a time. When you’re entertaining friends and family, it will act as a gravitational force to pull you all together and confine the activities in a cosy area. But, um… how will it be built?

Leave it to Surf Coast Construction – we are an expert in the field. With numerous houses completed along the Surf Coast in these situations we had become a master of overcoming the problems associated with sloping blocks.


Difficulties of Sloping Blocks on the Surf Coast

Sloping blocks often have the additional complications of –

  • 1. Overgrown vegetation,
  • 2. No driveway,
  • 3. Tight access points,
  • 4. Height restrictions,
  • 5. Drainage,
  • 6. Soil retention,
  • 7. Council compliance and
  • 8. Engineering.

By working with us, and drawing on our years of experience in this niche field, we are able to skilfully guide you through this complex maze of difficulties so your dream block delivers the interactions and advantages you know are possible.

Homes are about families. Let Surf Coast Construction enhance your family’s lifestyle by bringing together your great ideas with his building expertise.